The Barefoot Bandits

Get the family together and tune into The Barefoot Bandits to see where the adventures of Tane, Fridge and Riley will lead them next!

The Barefoot Bandits is a show that kiwi families can enjoy together. Made by the team at Mukpuddy and inspired by their 2012 Christmas special ‘Missing Christmas’, The Barefoot Bandits series follows Tane and his friends as they explore their neighbourhood and investigate secrets of their fictional island hometown, Ngaro.

Whether it’s catching a glimpse of the legendary Ngaro Swamp Moa or exploring the old mineshafts of FiveTree Forest, the adventures of The Barefoot Bandits will see them jumping down mudslides, tree climbing, having monkey apple battles and any other ways they can find to get their clothes dirty!

As well as having a team of experienced animators behind the creation of this series, The Barefoot Bandits is also voiced by many talented New Zealanders, such as; Rhys Darby, Tammy Davis, Temuera Morrison, Teuila Blakely, Josh Thomson, Leigh Hart and many more. Watch the series and see how many voices you can recognise!


The Barefoot Bandits is made by Mukpuddy Limited for TVNZ 2

10 x 30 minutes

NZ On Air Funding $827,670

With The Barefoot Bandits, we hope to create a show that families can enjoy together and relive their fond memories of growing up in New Zealand.

— Tim Evans- Producer of The Barefoot Bandits

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This show is now off-air but is available On Demand
Check out The Barefoot Bandits Website for all sorts of Barefoot activities. You can also catch more of the cartoon on their Facebook page!

Also funded by NZ On Air


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