It's a kiwi thing

A quick, fun way to understand what NZ On Air does

NZ On Air exists to ensure New Zealand's unique voice is reflected in our media. We make sure you can see and hear local stories, characters, places and songs. It's important to our culture. Even more so today than ever before - because we compete for your eyes and ears against a tide of global content.

This showcase highlights the breadth and diversity of the content made here at home for you, and celebrates the creative community behind this work. We want New Zealanders to be proud of, and want more of, their own stories and songs on air, and online.

Our content can be found today on at least 18 platforms which include traditional broadcast and online.

We hope you enjoy these short journeys through funded content. And if you like them, please share them and celebrate with us. #Itsakiwithing.

We have such a unique way of expressing ourselves! This video celebrates New Zealand-isms. You won't find this content made anywhere else in the world. It's our voice. (Warning: some of the content in this video is AO)

Our Stories, Our Voice. It's a kiwi thing

Homegrown music has created some of the best earworms over the past few decades. We are proud to have supported so many fabulous local artists to get their music into your ears.

Turn Up The Music. It's a kiwi thing

We'll be adding more videos over coming weeks.

Also funded by NZ On Air


July 2017


From the award-winning creators of Outrageous Fortune, Westside is a drama series that takes the West family's large and loyal fan-base on a journey back to where it all began.

Dear Murderer

May 2017

Dear Murderer

A five part drama series based on the life of one of the most flamboyant and outrageous characters of New Zealand's legal history - Mike Bungay QC.