A magazine-programme for youth, featuring talented local Māori and Pacific Islanders in our community.

Fresh is a TVNZ 2 youth-orientated magazine production with a light-hearted take on Pacific culture and events.

Fresh takes an in depth look into the lives of talented Pacific Islanders and Māori who through their performance in arts, music and sports have put New Zealand along with Pacifica on the cultural map. 

New Zealand is home to a large population of young first, second and third generation Pacific people. With the use of colourful imagery and light-hearted humour, Tikilounge creates a platform for the voices of the youth from these communities to be heard.

2017 sees the seventh season of Fresh air on TVNZ 2 Saturday mornings. For the 2016 series NZ On Air extended support to Fresh for a total of 40 episodes. 15 of these episodes allowed Fresh to also showcase Māori culture in our community on TVNZ 2. Each episode the "Poly-Kiwis" and Māori Youth featured on Fresh affirm their cultural identity through language, arts, music, comedy and sports.  

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Fresh is made by Tikilounge Productions for TVNZ 2
Fresh 2017: 37 x 30 minutes
NZ On Air Funding $1,766,125

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TVNZ 2, Saturdays at 10.00am

From Saturday 11th Feb

You can still catch up with TVNZ On Demand.

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