An inspiring weekly special interest programme for and about New Zealanders living with disabilities.

Attitude has been funded by NZ On Air for broadcast on television since 2005. Now in its 13th series, Attitude is a respected targeted audience programme that serves the interests of a wide range of New Zealand disability communities.

Over 30 half-hour first person documentaries Attitude 2017 will explore the lives of ordinary, but exceptional people who have to confront basic questions of how to live life under challenging circumstances. 

Attitude is a valuable resource for the disabled community, and their friends and families. The programme is an important way we meet our diversity objectives, increasing awareness and understanding of mental, physical and intellectual disabilites.


Attitude 2017 is made by Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1
30 x 30 minutes
NZ On Air funding $1,787,300

Watch this show

TV One, Sundays at 8.30am

From Sunday 10th Apr

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