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External · 1st July 2013

A report by Ngā Aho Whakaari, the Association of Māori in Screen Production.

NZ on Air · Television
NZ on Air · 21st June 2013

A survey of 1,000 New Zealanders who watch television conducted by Colmar Brunton. The survey reinforced the importance of documentary to respondents who acknowledged the quality of New Zealand documentaries, particularly their production values and presentation.

NZ on Air · 6th March 2013

NZ On Air's annual survey measures the amount of local programming on the six main free-to-air channels.

Television · NZ on Air
NZ on Air · 1st December 2012

NZ On Air’s Te Rautaki Māori (Māori strategy) was created a decade ago and has been periodically reviewed since then.

Digital · Radio · Television
External · 1st June 2012

Researchers look at current broadcast content provided for Pacific audiences in New Zealand, and what is important to the various audiences.

NZ on Air · 12th April 2012

Local content accounted for 11,219 - or 31% of the schedule on the six measured free-to-air channels

NZ on Air · Television
NZ on Air · 1st March 2012

A review of the first three years of the Platinum Fund.

NZ on Air · 12th April 2011

31.7% of total hours on the six measured free-to-air channels were were NZ programmes.

NZ on Air · 12th April 2010

Local content hours decreased by 183 hours to 11,418 hours. This represents a 1.6% decrease
in local content in 2009 and the first time there has been a decrease since 2004.

External · 1st November 2009

In 2009 New Zealanders Professor Roger Horrocks and Stephanie Hopkins, and the Chief Curator of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Meg Labrum, analysed and assessed the environment around and issues facing the NZ Film Archive.