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NZ on Air · 14th May 2018

This report is the third of an ongoing series monitoring gender and ethnic diversity at the producer, director and writer level in screen projects funded by NZ On Air. This year also adds new data on gender in funded music projects.

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NZ on Air · 28th July 2016

New Zealanders’ media consumption habits are changing rapidly as the media environment and technology changes. And the most rapid change is with younger audiences.

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NZ on Air · 15th April 2016

Local content on television increased 2.4% in 2015, although the amount of new programmes continued to decline. This report has measured local content since 1989, as an indicator of the health of the local TV industry. It counts content on six free-to-air channels.

NZ on Air · 24th November 2015

A study commissioned by NZ On Air and NZ Film Commission on behalf of Screen NZ to look at what skills shortage exist in drama production in NZ and how these can be addressed. The study was carried out by Tim Thorpe Consulting.

NZ on Air · 10th April 2015

Local content on television increased 3% last year and the percentage of first run local content held steady.

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NZ on Air · 30th March 2015

TV is still the dominant screen in New Zealand children's lives, but tablets and smartphones are now in daily use and Youtube has become one of their main sources of content.

NZ on Air · 6th August 2014

Results of a survey conducted in April 2014 by Colmar Brunton for NZ On Air, to establish an indicative understanding of audiences for regional television channels

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NZ on Air · 8th July 2014

New Zealanders are staying with traditional broadcast media for their daily media consumption, but music and the young are shifting fast to digital platforms. Results of research carried out By Colmar Brunton for NZ On Air.

NZ on Air · 18th March 2014

Local content holds steady at 32% of television schedules but our annual Local Content Report reveals some challenges being faced by the television sector.

NZ on Air · 6th March 2013

NZ On Air's annual survey measures the amount of local programming on the six main free-to-air channels.

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