Research by external sources

Digital · Radio · Television
External · 1st June 2012

Researchers look at current broadcast content provided for Pacific audiences in New Zealand, and what is important to the various audiences.

NZ on Air
External · 4th May 2012

A study of NZ On Air and its work over two decades

Music · NZ on Air
External · 1st December 2010

A comprehensive review our domestic music funding scheme which led NZ On Air to implement wide-ranging changes to the way we fund and promote New Zealand music.

Music · NZ on Air
External · 1st December 2009

Music industry consultant Chris Caddick reviewed NZ On Air's international music programme, proposing a raft of changes.

External · 1st November 2009

In 2009 New Zealanders Professor Roger Horrocks and Stephanie Hopkins, and the Chief Curator of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Meg Labrum, analysed and assessed the environment around and issues facing the NZ Film Archive.


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