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External · 13th April 2016

NZ Screen industry revenue grew in 2015 by $66 million over the previous year.

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External · 30th July 2015

Nielsen’s report on the ‘Changing NZ Consumer’ provides insight into the nation’s shifting population and preferences. We’re becoming older and more multicultural with a growing taste for new things. Click through for a summary of points and a highlights video.

External · 30th May 2015

New research out of the U.S. reveals the widespread use of TV sets to access online content.

External · 30th April 2015

A 2015 study from the Canada Media Fund based on conversations with participants referred to as ‘digital onlys’.

External · 10th April 2015

The latest Statistics NZ Screen Industry survey reveals New Zealand screen industry revenue was up $7 million from 2013 to a total of $3.155 billion in 2014.

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External · 30th January 2015

A report on the viewing habits of Australians in the 4th quarter of 2014.

External · 10th April 2014

Statistics NZ has released the 2012/13 Screen Industry Survey results. The headline statistic is that New Zealand screen industry revenue decreased 4 percent to $3.1 billion.

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External · 7th April 2014

Radio continues to be the place to go to discover new music according to recently released research by United States based Edison Research.

External · 28th March 2014

This is a collection of essays about the possible future of television, published by UKTV.

External · 1st July 2013

A report by Ngā Aho Whakaari, the Association of Māori in Screen Production.

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