Music Outcomes & Impacts and Artist Analysis report 2015

Music · Infographics · NZ on Air · NZ on Air · 9th October 2015

The Making Tracks music funding scheme is now four years old. Every year, we do a count of the number of times Making Tracks-funded songs have played, both on air and online, giving us a raw measure of broadcast “mileage” achieved via the Making Tracks scheme.

This report gives a gauge of audience reached and from a financial point of view, value for money. We use it to review trends and spot strengths and weaknesses.

We have also for the first time analysed: how many projects have been funded; how many artists have been funded; how many projects have been funded per artist; and the impact of the Making Tracks scheme on the local radio airplay charts.

Read the full report below. For an infographic snapshot of the findings see below.