Local Content Report 2010

31.7% of total hours on the six measured free-to-air channels were were NZ programmes.

Television · NZ on Air · 12th April 2011

Since 1989 NZ On Air has been measuring local content on the main free-to-air (FTA) channels. Six years
ago Prime TV joined TV One, TV2, and TV3 and five years ago Māori Television and C4 were added to
the line up.

2010 Key Trends

Local content comprised 35% of prime time schedules (39% in 2009).

The overall percentage of local content dipped to 31.7% of the schedule (from 33.7% in 2009).

Local content hours decreased by 537 hours to 10,881 hours, down 4.9%.

TV One screened the most local content, with 3,405 hours.

Māori Television screened the second highest number of hours with 2,604 hours.

First-run hours, representing new series or programmes, decreased by 3% to 8,221 hours