Local Content Report 2009

Local content hours decreased by 183 hours to 11,418 hours. This represents a 1.6% decrease
in local content in 2009 and the first time there has been a decrease since 2004.

Television · NZ on Air · 12th April 2010

For 21 years NZ On Air has been measuring local content on free-to-air channels.

Five years ago Prime TV joined TV One, TV2, and TV3 and four years ago MTS and C4 were added to the line up.

In 1989 we recorded 2,804 hours of local programming. 20 years later, with six nationwide channels
screening local programmes, total hours were 11,418 compared with 11,601 hours in 2008. This is
a small decrease in a year when all sectors of the New Zealand economy were feeling the effects of
the global recession.