Adding diversity to the airwaves


We provide funding support for priority genres to add diversity to the airwaves. Our priority is spoken programmes on nationwide networks to reach the largest number of listeners. 

Priorities are: programmes for children, youth, Māori programmes in English, spiritual programmes and programmes for minority audiences including ethnic minorities.

The programmes we fund would not be broadcast without public funding support, and fill an important need. 

Read more about the criteria for these programmes.

We also fund Music radio programmes across a wide range of stations - commercial radio, the Student Radio Network, and Kiwi FM. These programmes aim to introduce audiences to new local music and are funded as part of our local music promotions work.


The Nutters Club

November 2015

The Nutters Club

The Nutters Club award winning radio show helps those with mental health and addiction issues to lead meaningful lives.

Apply for funding

Programme producers need commitment from a broadcaster before applying. Guidance on what's required in an application is included in Funding Criteria for Spoken Radio Programmes.

Applications should be emailed by the date applicable in the Funding Calendar to Keith Collins.

Please use the application form.

Funding to date, 2016-17

Easter 2017 $26,789

Mar 2017 · Christian Broadcasting Association · NewstalkZB · 1 x 720 mins · Special Interest

That's The Story 2017 $88,400

Dec 2016 · Loud Mouth Productions · various · 622 x 16 mins · Children

Christmas 2016 $31,024

Dec 2016 · Christian Broadcasting Association · NewstalkZB · 2 x 1 mins · Special Interest

Sealed Section 2016/17 $49,000

Dec 2016 · NZME. Radio · ZM · 40 x 90 mins · Youth