The Nutters Club

An award winning radio show helping fight the stigma of mental illness and change lives

The Nutters Club is a weekly nationwide radio show on Newstalk ZB hosted by entertainer Mike King. It is helping lead an important national conversation on mental health issues.

Mike King is an inspiring and candid host, having fought his own battles against addictions and mental health issues. He is joined by a clinical psychologist. The Nutters Club engages a dedicated audience both through the radio show and through social media, with over 33,500 followers on Facebook. About 28,000 people tune in to the radio broadcasts.

Produced by The Key To Life Charitable Trust, the programme's mission is "to forever change the way people, feel, think, talk and behave in relation to their mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and sexual well being; and in doing so encourage us all to take ownership of our own health and well being.”

Or in other words - "Nutters helping other Nutters live at peace with themselves and others, so that we can all lead meaningful lives.”

It is powerful radio. 

The radio show was created by Mike King and producer Boris Sokratov after a conversation about Boris' father's death, and the realisation that the mental health statistics, particularly for Māori, were astonishing. Boris says, "That the Nutters Club can continue to play its role so that we can be effective in helping to reduce these statistics is our greatest aspiration."

NZ On Air funds The Nutters Club as a "special interest spoken programme" because it fills a need that would otherwise not be met in mainstream media. We have also supported it through the Digital Media Fund to create an online home for programme podcasts and video content.

The Nutters Club won Best Spoken Programme, Daily or Weekly Series at the NZ Radio Awards 2015.


2015/16, The Key To Life Charitable Trust, The Nutters Club radio show, $73,280 

May 2015, Top Shelf Productions Ltd, Digital project, $58,555 

Check out podcasts of programmes here.

The Nutters Club is a unique platform that gives voice to the marginalised and says we are here and our lives matter. Without NewstalkZB and NZ On Air that voice would be lost in the wind.

— Mike King

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