Filming and audio recording existing and new NZ art music to develop an important music resource for New Zealand

The Resound project, which is funded by NZ On Air and delivered by SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music in partnership with Radio New Zealand Concert, started in 2010 and celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2015.

Resound is an important contribution to the NZ music scene breathing life into archived recordings and making new recordings of NZ works. 

The project consists of three phases:

Phase 1: Relicensing, auditioning and re-broadcast of recordings of works held in the RNZ Concert New Zealand Composer Archive.

This phase started with a digitisation project pre-dating Resound, which brought the recordings over from various non-digital formats. A panel of experts assembled by SOUNZ auditioned works, selecting those to be re-mastered at RNZ Concert and broadcast after permissions have been acquired from composers and performers.

Phase 2: Re-recording of works considered by the panel (through Phase 1) to be of artistic merit but where existing recordings were found to be unsuitable for broadcast. 

Phase 2.0: Performances of significant New Zealand works are captured on film. Since 2012, 350 works by 90 composers have been filmed. Many of these are already available for viewing on SOUNZ online, while the rest are in various stages of editing. As part of Resound Phase 2.0, 75 documentaries and interviews have also been produced, the majority of which can be seen on SOUNZ online.

Funding details 

Resound is funded through our Music budget.

2015 funding: $130,000

Chris Watson at work on the Resound project

Resound is a visionary undertaking, bringing archived and previously inaccessible audio recordings back into the public domain, making new reference recordings of 'lost' New Zealand music and, more latterly, systematically documenting on film performances of music composed by New Zealanders.

— Resound Project Manager Chris Watson

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