This library contains all publications we produce including accountability reports, strategy papers, consultations, RFPs and other documents we produce from time to time.

A new Funding Strategy

In Sept 2016 we have released for feedback a draft new funding strategy which will guide a single fund, the NZ Media Fund.

We received feedback and submissions on this strategy and this is summarised here.

In December 2016 we published the final Funding Strategy which will be implemented from 1 July 2017.


Annual Report 2016-17

Please click on the link above to experience our online interactive Annual Report for the year ended 30 June 2017.

You can also download a complete PDF of the report below, or download the report in 4 sections from the online report homepage.

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Consultations & Reviews

Draft Standard Funding Agreement_Scripted and Factual 2017 (PDF 379KB) This is a draft of a new contract we will use for all Scripted and Factual content from the July 2017 round. It adopts platform-neutral language, some new policy, and plain English. Feedback is sought by noon July 17.

Guide to Draft Standard Funding Agreement_Scripted and Factual (165 KB) This document walks through the various changes to contracts as seen in the new Draft Standard Funding Agreement, explaining what's changing and why.

Children's Content Draft Strategy for discussion Oct 2015 (PDF 228KB) This paper revises the information we have gathered and considered so far, and proposes a new draft Children's funding strategy. The draft is intended as a stimulant for discussion at a forum to be held in Wellington on November 13.

Public Submissions to the Children's Content Funding Discussion Paper - August 2015 (PDF 5.33MB)

This paper collates the public submissions we received to our Children's Content Funding Discussion Paper.

NZ On Air's Children's Content strategy will be discussed further at a half-day forum to be held in Wellington on the morning of Friday 13 November, in conjunction with the 2015 SPADA forum. If you are not planning to attend SPADA but would like to take part in our children's forum please register your interest with us by emailing

Children's Content Funding Discussion Paper - May 2015 (PDF 698KB)

This paper is intended to stimulate thinking and invite input into a new NZ On Air children’s content funding strategy.
Responses should be emailed to by midday 17 July 2015. Please note we will be publishing responses in full or in part here on our website.

NZ On Air will consider responses and discuss further at a sector forum to be held around November 2015.

Review of NZ On Air Regional Television Funding Policy: Terms of Reference - December 2014 (PDF 402KB)
We are currently reviewing our funding policy for regional television programming.

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Strategy & Policy

NZ On Air Funding Strategy - December 2016 (PDF 864KB) From 1 July 2017 we will have one strategy and one fund, the NZ Media Fund. At that time this strategy will supercede any prior strategies.

Industry Development Fund  (PDF 116KB) A new fund in 2015/16 to support wider industry development. It sits outside of the NZ Media Fund.

All documents below are superceded strategies and are provided as an historical record.

Channel Preference Guidelines - August 2014 (PDF 649KB)
This framework explains how we will assess potential platforms for funded content.

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Guidelines for Online Access to Publicly Funded Content - August 2014 (PDF 947KB)
This framework sets out expectations for public availability of funded content after first broadcast.

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Television Drama Strategy - August 2014 (PDF 453KB)
This strategy, refreshed in 2014, informs programme makers and broadcasters of the factors we take into account when considering drama options.

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Television Documentary Strategy - August 2013 (PDF 638KB)
Following a review in August 2013, this is our revised strategy for funding documentary and factual.

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Te Rautaki Māori: Māori Strategy - December 2012 (PDF 1.16MB)
This document combines the summary of a 2012 review and the new strategy.

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Pacific Content Strategy - November 2012 (PDF 683KB)
Our strategy for multi-platform content for Pacific audiences.

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Digital Strategy - 2012-2015 (PDF 356KB)
This refreshed digital strategy takes an organisation-wide approach to digital opportunities.

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Music Strategy - July 2014 (PDF 552KB)
Our revised Music Strategy puts new focus on online promotions.

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We take an active interest in understanding our sector and environment, and the needs of the diverse audiences we serve. This drives our research programme.

Research we have commissioned and published is available here

Industry Reports

NPRT Services Review 2017 (PDF 985 KB)

NZ On Air commissioned this report in 2017 to establish if NPRT has been successful in achieving its objectives, and whether its structure, operations and strategies are fit for purpose to meet the requirements of Pacific communities and the rapidly changing radio/media industry.

Working with Māori In Screen Production - July 2013 (PDF 1.76MB)
A report by Ngā Aho Whakaari, the Association of Māori in Screen Production

Film Archive: Review of Goverment Agency Funding and Arrangements and Service Delivery - Nov 2009 (PDF 258KB)
New Zealand Professor Roger Horrocks and Stephanie Hopkins, and the Chief Curator of the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, Meg Labrum, analysed and assessed the environment around and issues facing the New Zealand Film Archive.