We fund New Zealand’s two national, non-commercial public radio networks, Radio New Zealand National and Radio New Zealand Concert. Funding Radio New Zealand on an ‘arms-length’ basis means it can continue to provide editorially-independent, high quality public radio.


Radio New Zealand National and its sister station Radio New Zealand Concert are New Zealand's only public national broadcasters. They provide indepth, quality, impartial programmes that might otherwise not be available on commercial radio, or without public funding.

Radio New Zealand National is the country's Number 1 radio station, with its flagship news programme Morning Report the most popular radio programme in the country. Its programming includes news and current affairs, documentaries and features, drama and music. At least 33% of the music it broadcasts is New Zealand in origin.

Radio New Zealand Concert is this country's fine music network. Music comprises 85% of air time. Much of this is classical, with additional specialist music programmes covering jazz, contemporary and world music.

Concert actively promotes New Zealand music and composition, providing an important showcase for the best of the country’s performing artists.

Radio New Zealand receives $31.816 million annually for its operating costs.

Guyon Espiner interviews PM Bill English on Morning report, RNZ National