When the earth speaks, who will listen?

Reset was funded in 2015 through the Digital Media Webseries Fund.

The project comes from a new team with a lot of fresh new talent. Their idea for a children's sci-fi series that put children at the heart of the story, fit well with our criteria for diverse content for niche audiences. The premise of the story was appealing to reviewers: what if aliens came to earth but did not land on the White House lawn, instead landed in New Zealand and called to the heart of our indigenous culture?  

NZ On Air funding: $100,000

Producer: Tanya Wheeler
Director: Darren Simmonds
Writer: Tanya Wheeler
Co-creator: Dominic Schmidt

Reset was launched in June 2016.

Watch Reset online.

Reset is a webseries with a lot of heart and a great storyline. What would a bunch of primary school kids do if they could hear what the earth was saying? How would people react if orange goo came bubbling through the earth and took over the waterways. How would the US president communicate with global leaders?

The series is available on a website and will also be on Māori Television Ondemand in July. The website includes education resources, a primary school competition and resources on space and astrophysics. 

Episode 1 - A School Science Fair is disrupted when a strange Māori boy announces that he has intercepted a message.

Also funded by NZ On Air

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