NZ On Screen and AudioCulture

The online showcase of NZ Television, Film and Music Video; and the noisy library of NZ music.

The NZ On Screen website launched in 2008 as a curated showcase of NZ’s audiovisual history. Content is sourced from a wide range of archives, production companies and individuals, and the site now has more than 2500 titles as well as 1000 profiles of cast and crew, more than 400 music videos, 250 interviews and more than fifty collections.

Each title on the site is available to view either in full or as excerpts. Key titles have extensive background material available and titles are linked to related content. Over time a rich tapestry of NZ screen culture has emerged to provide a fascinating insight into our culture, our stories, our voices and our screen heritage.

In 2013 a sibling site, AudioCulture, was launched to tell the story of NZ music. In a similar vein artists, venues and labels are profiled and interlinked, bringing life and context to our music history. 

Both sites are managed by the Digital Media Trust. 

NZ On Air funding for both NZ On Screen and AudioCulture in 2014/2015 was $1,400,000.

How does NZ On Screen fit the digital strategy?

One of the goals of NZ On Air’s digital strategy is to make it easier for people to find local content. NZ On Screen is a treasure trove of audiovisual content made by and for New Zealanders going back almost 100 years. By providing free access to funded (and non-funded) content NZ On Screen opens an unprecedented window to our screen history.

Where to find it

NZ On Screen does an outstanding job of tying current and local events into historical moments. With close to 10,000 followers on Twitter and around 17,000 on Facebook, social media is an important component of the NZ On Screen promotion strategy.


Twitter: @nzonscreen • @audioculturenz

Facebook: NZ On ScreenAudioCulture 

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