Little Legends

An inventive story-building app for kids

Little Legends is a story-building app for the iPad.

After extensive trials with a cardboard prototype which he used to entertain unsuspecting school children, Luke Nola has produced a digital app that gives kids the tools they need to create wild and imaginative stories.

The app allows children to invent characters, write a story, illustrate, narrate and create the story including themselves and their friends in the pages. Once a story has been created, it can be published as an audio book on Vimeo and YouTube and shared with the world.

NZ On Air funding: $45,000
Produced by: Luke Nola & Friends
Available to download through iTunes

Little Legends gives users the five basic stages of all stories: a beginning, a challenge, bad to worse situation, climax and resolution. From there the children have almost unlimited possibilities for tailoring and creating characters, pages, voices and stories. 

Funded through the Digital Media Fund Ignite this app addresses a number of key criteria for our digital funding: The audience is children, there's a high level of interactivity, and NZ culture and stories are reflected (and even created).

Children so far are loving the quirky style of the imagery and the range of situations the app provides. Try it out yourself and see what you come up with! 

Take a look at the Little Legends Facebook page to see some recent examples of stories made by children.

Also funded by NZ On Air

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