Let’s Get Inventin’

An iPad app that gives children digital tools to spark imagination and create wild inventions.

How does an app fit with NZ On Air’s digital approach?

With our Digital Media Fund aim to support content that not only reaches niche audiences, but also wherever possible, content that extends value across multiple platforms.

Let’s Get Inventin’ is a successful children’s television show - its seventh season aired in 2013. The Let’s Get Inventin’ app gives children tools to devise an almost unlimited number of inventions. They submitted their inventions via the app and the best ones were made in real life and featured on the show.

In 2013 the team took the app around schools and to fairs and events, running competitions and raising awareness of the app and its potential. Children love it! The app is also being integrated into the Young Inventors school programme throughout the country.

The show is now in its final season for television, but the app will continue to bring joy to children anywhere in the world.

Let's Get Inventin' is funded through DMF Ignite.

NZ On Air funding $45,000

Producer: Luke Nola & Friends

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