Heart of Nelson

Exploring Nelson's history through augmented reality

Exciting collaboration

The Heart of Nelson app is a beautiful collaboration between the Nelson Provincial Museum, the Nelson Institute of Technology and KiwiAR.

Supported by the Ignite Fund in 2013, NZ On Air loved the potential of Heart of Nelson to integrate innovative technology with historical images. The partnership with the Museum lent the project a direct audience, and also a wealth of imagery and historical expertise.

The app is free and available to download for Apple and Android devices.

NZ On Air funding: $45,000

Produced by: KiwiAR
Producer: David Brydon

Viewing the Cathedral in the past, from the street of today.

How it works

The Heart of Nelson app uses augmented reality and geo-mapping technologies to give users a window into the history of the city.

Users of the app can walk through Nelson and at key points stop and view iconic buildings or sites. Viewing these through the app will bring up photographs of the buildings in the past and superimpose them over the current day building.

The photographs have been sourced from the extensive collection of glass plate images from the Nelson Provincial Museum, which have been digitised and integrated into the Heart of Nelson app. 

The first release of the app has 13 locations around the City of Nelson. Subsequent releases will introduce more interactive features and new sites.

What did the Cathedral look like 100 years ago?

Where to find it

Download the app for free from the Google Play and Apple stores.

Also funded by NZ On Air

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