August 2016 Newsletter

A note from the CEO

NZ On Air Board supports The Big Listen

I want to start with a big shout out to all the people who make community access radio programmes throughout the country. This month we are celebrating with them the incredible diversity of programmes available, and the difference they make to their communities. There's more about The Big Listen campaign later in this newsletter. We are proud of the public good access radio delivers in so many ways every day.

Our first funding round of the new financial year has certainly been challenging. We were presented with an excellent array of television projects - considerably more than we could fund. Nonetheless we supported 29 projects from 22 different production companies and hope we will get an opportunity at a later stage to support some of the projects that didn't make it.

In real terms, we have less funding available this year. Our reserves are now largely expended and so we are having to make tough choices. In all but extreme cases we will not be able to support budget increases for returning programmes. Not all returning series may be successful, as we try to make space for new ideas. In all cases budgets will be examined closely.

We were nonetheless delighted to be able to confirm funding for a number of drama projects, including the return of Filthy Rich and Westside. Good drama is hard to make and is always risky. We are really pleased that TVNZ and Mediaworks have stood behind these shows, which each delight different audiences.

We have also supported some important documentary series that will have a long shelf life.

Last week we released our latest audience research report Where Are The Audiences? 2016. It is comprehensive research which informs us about the changing media landscape and the choices audiences are making. This is data that is not publicly available elsewhere in such a comprehensive form. The most notable feature is the confirmation of very different inter-generational media behaviour.

We are currently working on a new funding strategy which takes these changes into account. The strategy will be more simple and flexible than our current strategies and funds. We are working on fine detail now, and will bring it to the industry for feedback from late September. Quite simply, audiences are changing so we are changing too. We will keep you informed through our usual channels.

Kia ora,



NZ screen content in schools

University of Waikato Associate Professor Geoff Lealand has just completed research supported by NZ On Air into use of NZ screen content in NZ schools.

The research focuses on primary, intermediate and secondary schools up to Year 13, and in particular the subject areas English, History, Social Studies and Media Studies. The headline result is that the vast majority of these subject teachers (91%) use NZ screen content in the classroom. The most used sites are NZ On Screen, Te Kete Ipurangi and broadcaster sites.

You can read the full report on our website here.

Creative sector survey on copyright

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is undertaking a study of the role of copyright and registered designs in the creative sector. The next phase in the study is a survey of sector participants, to be launched on Monday 8 August. It’s important that MBIE gets as many responses as possible to get a good picture of copyright use in NZ. The survey will explore areas such as general awareness of copyright, the different ways that people use their works and people’s experiences with protecting their works.

MBIE are looking for responses from a broad range of people from the creative sector, including those involved in music, software, arts, design, interactive gaming etc. Survey participation is entirely voluntary and all responses will be kept strictly confidential.

If you’d like to be informed when the survey is up and running, please sign up on MBIE’s website.

Any questions, please email For further info, see MBIE’s website.

Where are the audiences? 2016

Last week we launched the 2016 research into how New Zealanders are consuming media. It is an update to  research first carried out in 2014. The data shows a growing generation gap, and that online video (Facebook, Youtube and SVOD) is growing fast. But mainstream broadcast is still the place where the largest audiences are - for now.

The full report is available below.

NZ On Air/Glasshouse Consulting


Westside - South Pacific Pictures for TV3

July round

The July meeting was nominated for Arts/Culture, Māori, Platinum and Factual projects. We received 49 applications across the General and Platinum funds seeking $45.9m - nearly 60% of our total available funding. As this was the first meeting of the financial year, with some genres still to be considered, we were presented with many more good applications than we were able to support at this time.

We have made our selections carefully, with extensive discussions both at staff and Board level. We are very aware that that we have not been able to support some good projects that might have secured funding in previous years.

We are pleased to have been able to support 29 projects and confirm funding of $33.6m delivering 124 hours of content.


A second series of the popular documentary series Coast NZ was supported for TVNZ along with three one-off dramas: Kiwi – the story of the 1983 Melbourne Cup winning horse; Resolve – the story of Chris Crean and his stand against the Black Power gang in Taranaki; and Why Does Love? – the early years of the much loved NZ band The Exponents.

In Uncharted actor Sam Neill retraces Captain Cook’s three Pacific voyages 250 years on from the first expedition. The six-part series for Prime is an international collaboration with Australia and the US.

Five additional episodes of Māori current affairs series, The Hui 2016, were supported for screening on TV3.


After building committed audiences, Filthy Rich returns to TV2 for a second series and Westside returns to TV3 for a third series.

We are also a minority investor in the feature film Vermilion, for broadcast on TV One. It tells the story of Darcy who has synaesthesia, which causes her to see colours when she plays musical notes.

Forensics NZ - South Pacific Pictures for Prime


10 documentary/factual projects were supported in July.

A new science series The Trial was supported for TV3. It will follow research by the Liggins Institute as they seek a breakthrough in treating obesity and potentially other illnesses. Also supported for TV3 was a third season of Lost and Found.

A second season of The Big Ward will screen on TV2 along with one-off documentary Camp Twitch observing six young New Zealanders with Tourette Syndrome as they participate in a week long Tourette’s camp in Rotorua.

Now in its 50th year, NZ On Air is happy to confirm Country Calendar will return to TV One in 2017. Another link to our television heritage is Islands Of The Gulf in which Elisabeth Easther follows in the footsteps of her mother, Shirley Maddock, NZ's first woman producer who produced New Zealand’s first television documentary series in 1964.

Māori Television is also revisiting our past film heritage with the one-hour Beyond The Battalion, which explores Michael Havas' films of the 28th Māori Battalion. Also supported for Māori Television is The King In The Ring, an update on the subject of the NZ On Air funded 2015 Loading Docs short Wilbur Force.

A documentary webseries Under The Bridge for NZ Herald/WatchMe looks at the state of education through the eyes of Year 13 students at Papakura High School.

A second season of Forensics NZ for Prime will examine how science has assisted Police to crack difficult cases.

Anika Moa


Four Māori projects were supported in this round. Artefact, a six part series with Dame Anne Salmond, will profile key taonga and explore what they can tell us about our past. A second series of Game Of Bros has been supported along with All Talk With Anika Moa, a new series that will provide a Māori perspective on popular culture. (Twitter went nuts about this one - no pressure Anika!)

A one-off documentary Ngarara will look at drug rehabilitation and reveal how a cultural reawakening can support this journey. All these programmes will screen on Māori Television.


Once again we are supporting the broadcast of the NZ Music Awards for 2016 on TV3 as well as the 2017 Anzac Day Auckland Dawn Service on Māori Television. A new series, The Naked Choir for TV One, will showcase a variety of New Zealand community a cappella singing groups.

Available funding

A large majority of funding available for 2016/17 in all of the above genres has now been committed. Please factor this in to your planning for future submissions and discuss these with the Head of Television, Glenn Usmar.

Digital Media

The third season of the Loading Docs series featuring 3 minute documentaries on the theme of “Change”, will be live on August 5th. Watch the 10 films on or TVNZ On demand.

This year two of the films (Water For Gold and How Mr & Mrs Gock Saved The Kumara) have premiered at the NZIFF - a great endorsement of these wonderful creative shorts.

Teenage webseries Lucy Lewis Can’t Lose is the next online project to go live on August 8th. Premiering on 3NOW the series is a deeply uncool high school comedy written by Amanda Alison and directed by Paul Yates. Follow the show on Facebook to get up to date news and episodes! 

The second StoryEdge Sandbox session supported by NZ On Air and the NZ Film Commission was a great success in Auckland last weekend. Attendees were given a sneak preview of the funded interactive documentary project Christchurch Dilemmas by director/producer Gerard Smyth and developer Tim Chesney. The project launches this month and puts a spotlight on some of the most interesting challenges and discussions happening around Christchurch right now. The discussion around the project was particularly focussed on how it came together, how the director and developer collaborate, and where the challenges were in the process.

Lanita Ririnui-Ryan also demonstrated her funded interactive doco POI360 which takes a very different approach to showcasing the various stories and histories of the poi. There was also a demo of The Green Fairy, New Zealand’s first virtual reality movie from Alejandro Davila at AUT.


New Music

The New Music funding schemes are underway as of this month, and the first New Music Single funding decisions have been announced.

There are now two funding schemes for music content, New Music Single rounds are five times per year, and the New Music Project contestable funding rounds occur four times a year, with the first deadline on Friday 12 August.

Any music companies intending to apply for New Music Project funding need to email their intention to apply to the Head of Music.

Going local

July saw the last of the Independent Music NZ Going Local 2016 seminars, where a panel of music industry and government organisations visited Dunedin, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to speak to musicians and music managers.

Each seminar was received enthusiastically and a wide range of music industry-related topics were covered. NZ On Air was represented, along with the NZ Music Commission, APRA, Music Managers Forum, Recorded Music NZ, Flying Nun, IMNZ and a local artist representative in each city.

IMNZ are planning more of these seminars for next year. Also of interest for the music industry is the IMNZ Going Global two-day seminar in Auckland coming up on the 2nd and 3rd of September. 

The IMNZ Going Local panel in Christchurch

The APRA Silver Scroll 

The APRA Silver Scroll Awards celebrate New Zealand's songwriters and composers. We are pleased to see NZ On Air-supported songs from Lawrence Arabia, Gareth Thomas, The Sami Sisters, Pacific Heights featuring Louis Baker, Lydia Cole, The Phoenix Foundation, Thomas Oliver, Electric Wire Hustle, Street Chant, Miloux, and Andrew Keoghan in this year's Top 20 finalists.

18 out of the 20 artists in the running for the prestigious award have had NZ On Air support at some stage. Huge congratulations to all of the writers in this incredible list of songs! You can listen to NZ On Air's playlist of the tracks here.

2016 APRA Silver Scroll finalists David Dallas, Lydia Cole and Pacific Heights

Community Broadcasting

Moxie supports The Big Listen

Funding has been confirmed for the coming year for the 12 community access radio stations we support throughout the country.

We are also celebrating access radio through a month-long nationwide campaign called The Big Listen, which will showcase the incredible diversity and the community value delivered by access radio stations. Why don't you make it your mission during August to find your local access radio station and see what they offer?

Or you can check out Access Internet Radio, which is also supported by NZ On Air. AIR is a place to find podcasts of programmes from around the country. You can also go onto the websites of any of the stations to find podcasts or to find out about the programmes they feature.

We'd also like to extend our sincere thanks to our design company Moxie who have lent their support by designing the logo and marketing materials for The Big Listen. Their creativity and generosity is much appreciated!

Funding decisions

The latest funding decisions for Television • Industry Development • RadioMusic 


Arts and Culture

All Talk With Anika Moa
Rogue Productions for Māori Television • 10 x 30 • $641,549

Anzac Dawn Service 2017 
Māori Television for Māori Television • 1 x 100 • $77,450 

The Naked Choir
Warner Bros. International for TV One • 6 x 60 • $1,025,349

NZ Music Awards 2016
Mediaworks TV for TV3 • 1 x 120 • $170,000

Documentary and factual

Greenstone TV for Maori Television • 6 x 60 • $1,140,277

Beyond The Battalion
Awa Films for Māori Television • 1 x 60 • $200,000

Camp Twitch
2b Media for TV 2 • 1 x 60 • $125,000

Country Calendar 2017
TVNZ for TV One • 40 x 30 • $566,720

Forensics NZ 2
South Pacific Pictures for Prime • 6 x 60 • $1,020,000

Game Of Bros 2
Tikilounge Productions for Māori Television • 7 x 30 • $348,392

Islands Of The Gulf  
Top Shelf Productions for TV One • 5 x 30 • $362,486

Lost And Found 3
Warner Bros. International for TV3 • 12 x 60 • $1,032,439

Tellyvise for Māori Television • 1 x 60 • $92,636

The Big Ward 2
Greenstone TV for TV 2 • 10 x 30 • $433,611

The King In The Ring
Notable Pictures for Māori Television • 1 x 60 • $130,179

The Trial
Razor Films for TV3 • 4 x 60 • $759,679

Under The Bridge
Greenstone TV for NZ Herald • 4 x 10 • $71,495


Filthy Rich 2
Filthy Productions for  TV 2  • 14 x 60 • $6,896,419

Westside 3
South Pacific Pictures for  TV 3 •  8 x 60 • up to $6,583,500

MF Films for TV One • 1 x 120 • $199,000

Special Interest

Attitude Awards 2016
Attitude Pictures TV One • 1 x 60 • $162,200




Coast New Zealand 2
Great Southern for TV One • 6 x 60 • $1,800,901

Frame Up Films for Prime • 6 x 60 • Up To $1,500,000

Sunday Special: Born This Way
Ruckus Media for TV One • 1 x 60 • $150,000


Rogue Productions for TV One • 1 x 120 • $3,043,975

Screentime for TV One • 1 x 120 • $2,549,955

Why Does Love?
Great Southern for TV One • 1 x 120 • $2,549,330

News/Current Affairs

The Hui
Great Southern for TV3 • 5 x 30 • $90,851


Industry Development

TV Drama Director Attachment 2016
Directors And Editors Guild Of NZ • $10,000

Show Me Shorts 2016 (Music Video Award Sponsorship)
Show Me Shorts Film Festival Trust • $3,000 

Waiata Māori Music Awards 2016
Waiata Māori Awards Charitable Trust • $10,000 


Radio New Zealand 2016/17 • $31,816,000

Music programme sponsorship

95bFM 2016/17 • $220,000

Base FM 2016/17 • $120,000

Pulzar FM 2016/17 • $60,000

Radio Active 2016/17 • $140,000

Radio Control 2016/17 • $75,000

Radio One 2016/17 • $120,000

RDU 2016/17 • $140,000

The Most FM 2016/17 • $60,000

Access Radio

Access Community Radio Auckland Inc • $250,000

The Canterbury Communications Trust • $235,000

East Coast/Hawke's Bay
Radio Kidnappers Charitable Trust • $175,000

Lower North Island
Access Radio Wairarapa Charitable Trust • $138,000

Lower North Island
Coast Access Radio Trust • $135,000

Lower North Island
Manawatu Access Radio Charitable Trust • $170,000

Lower North Island
Wellington Access Broadcasting Society Inc • $220,000

Nelson Marlborough
Tasman Broadcasting Trust • $170,000

Hills Radio Trust • $178,000

Radio Southland • $175,000

Access Radio Taranaki Trust • $178,000

Waikato Community Broadcasting • $237,500

Lower North Island
Siufofoga O Le Laumua Trust • $180,000

Lower North Island
NZ Radio For The Print Disabled • $110,348


Making Tracks • Recording and Music Video • $10,000

Aaradhna • Brown Girl
Aaradhna • Empty Hall
Anna Coddington • Apples
Arma Del Amor • Taking Back The Sea
Cairo Knife Fight • A-Six
Chelsea Jade • Life Of The Party
Clap Clap Riot • Help Me
Clicks • Resolution
Delaney Davidson • Such A Loser
Divorcees • Divorcees
Eden Mulholland • Little Lego Ship
Electric Wire Hustle • Ex Machina
Emily Edrosa • Drinking During The Day
Estere • Grandmother
Fazerdaze • Take It Slow
Finlay Tate • Let Free
Giantkilla • Down Low
Jon Lemmon • It's Gonna Be Alright
Jonathan Bree • No Reminders
Kinetic • Invincible
Lord Echo ft. Lisa Tomlins • Low To The Street 
Maala • Hush
New Reptiles • Friends
Pacific Heights ft. Deanne Krieg • Realms 
Rei • Out Dancing
Ruckus Garvey • Chip On My Shoulder
Shapeshifter • Oculus
She's So Rad • You And I
SJD • Turn On The Sun
Sola Rosa ft. Noah Slee • Back To You 
Streets Of Laredo • Trap For Young Players
The All Seeing Hand • Cro Magnon Corp.
Ty ft. Mikey Mayz • Discover 

TBC [Special Tracks Apra Best Children’s Music Song Winner]

Making Tracks • Music Video • $6,000

A Dead Forest Index • Myth Retraced
Baynk ft. Olivia Nott  • What You Need 
Benny's Videos • Inside My Head
Disasteradio • Oh Yeah
Dunes • Cowgirl
Ghost Wave • Blues Signal '79
Joe Blossom • The Breaking
Kane Strang • Things Are Never Simple
October • Warm Blood
Shayne P Carter • I Know Not Where I Stand
The Beths • Lying In The Sun
The Nudge • Dark Arts
Toni Huata • Mohaka