All the latest funding details from the September round of the NZ Media Fund, plus news on our industry drama forum and an RFP for a Children's weekday show.

This newsletter has all the funding decisions from our first round of the new, platform-neutral NZ Media Fund. It also contains updates on contracting, processes and the children's platform project.

This newsletter marks the end of an era. The next batch of funding decisions (July) will be made under our new model, the NZ Media Fund and pretty much everything will have changed. The days of silo-ing money according to television, radio and digital are gone.

As we near the end of the first quarter of the year we are powering through the work to implement the NZ Media Fund from 1 July.

It seems like only yesterday that I sat down with my leadership team in January and laid out my thoughts on how and why we needed to change. The year has gone by in a flash and now here we are only days from the holidays and a well-earned break for all.