The final funding round of the financial year is done and dusted. Read all the funding decisions, the release of our 3rd Diversity report, the outcome of our Regional Media review, and a summary after one year of the NZ Media Fund.

Welcome to the March 2018 newsletter, with news of a small funding round a new music funding stream for kids content and other industry news.

We are sprinting towards the finish line for 2017 - and like all of you, we will really enjoy the summer break this year. What a year! Read all about the last funding decisions for 2017 and lots of other news.

All the latest funding details from the September round of the NZ Media Fund, plus news on our industry drama forum and an RFP for a Children's weekday show.

This newsletter has all the funding decisions from our first round of the new, platform-neutral NZ Media Fund. It also contains updates on contracting, processes and the children's platform project.