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Media Releases · Television · Radio · Music · Digital · 30th March 2015

A new independent survey of children has found that while TV is still the dominant screen in their lives, tablets and smartphones are now a daily part of most kids lives. Youtube is now one of their main sources of content.

Media Releases · Television · 13th March 2015

A number of diverse programmes featuring Māori stories have been supported by NZ On Air, bringing more of NZ’s unique culture and heritage to TV screens.

Media Releases · Television · 12th March 2015

A nostalgic journey back to New Zealand in a by-gone era captured in amateur film footage, and more beautiful and awe-inspiring journeys through our oceans are just two of the colourful new documentary projects to secure NZ On Air funding.

Television · Media Releases · 16th December 2014

Our beautiful country, its history and people will shine next year in a number of new series just funded by NZ On Air. Also supported will be another hard-hitting series from Nigel Latta and a remarkable true-life story.

Television · Media Releases · 15th December 2014

A new family-friendly drama series in the sci-fi thriller genre, a returning murder-mystery series and a hip-hop dance film will be coming to local TV screens following NZ On Air funding.

Digital · Media Releases · Music · Radio · Television · 26th November 2014

Twenty-five years after it was created, NZ On Air continues to move swiftly to ensure New Zealanders can find and enjoy diverse local content how and when they want it. NZ On Air's Annual Report 2013/14 has just been released.

Television · Media Releases · 25th November 2014

NZ On Air congratulates the local television production community on the top class local content they create.

Television · 18th November 2014

NZ On Air and TVNZ are requesting proposals from production companies to produce two important Pasifika TV series.

Television · Media Releases · 8th October 2014

There will be lots to laugh about next year with two new and three returning television comedy series funded by NZ On Air.

Media Releases · Television · 7th October 2014

Five one-off documentaries and extensive Anzac day coverage in 2015 have been supported by NZ On Air, bringing more true New Zealand stories to our screens.