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Media Releases · Music · Radio · 18th November 2015

The collection of original New Zealand art music is in a healthy state after five years of the Resound project.

Television · Digital · Radio · 19th October 2015

NZ On Air is currently reviewing its Children's Content funding strategy to take account of changing media use by young audiences.

Television · Digital · Radio · Music · Media Releases · 26th May 2015

NZ On Air is turning its attention to the future of local media content for children, launching a consultation on proposed changes to the types of children’s content it funds.

Media Releases · Television · Radio · Music · Digital · 30th March 2015

A new independent survey of children has found that while TV is still the dominant screen in their lives, tablets and smartphones are now a daily part of most kids lives. Youtube is now one of their main sources of content.

Media Releases · Music · Radio · 17th December 2014

New Zealand music buffs will continue to hear the newest local music on commercial radio stations throughout the country next year, with funding from NZ On Air confirmed for a total of 23 hours of local new music programmes a week across 11 networks.

Digital · Media Releases · Music · Radio · Television · 26th November 2014

Twenty-five years after it was created, NZ On Air continues to move swiftly to ensure New Zealanders can find and enjoy diverse local content how and when they want it. NZ On Air's Annual Report 2013/14 has just been released.

Media Releases · Television · Radio · Music · Digital · 7th July 2014

New research commissioned by NZ On Air confirms the majority of New Zealanders are still consuming traditional broadcast media - linear television and live radio - every day. However music audiences and the young are leading the charge to digital platforms.

Radio · Media Releases · 4th June 2014

NZ On Air has confirmed funding for 2014/15 to ensure a diverse range of voices, languages and music extend choice for all New Zealanders on radio stations throughout the country.

Media Releases · Radio · 31st October 2013

NZ On Air is very pleased to announce support for Radio New Zealand's new online project The Wireless.

Media Releases · Radio · 1st June 2013

We are proud to continue support for a wide range of radio content for the 2013/14 financial year. Nearly 30 different radio stations across the country are helped by these investments to serve very different audiences.