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Media Releases · Digital · 9th April 2015

NZ On Air and the Canada Media Fund (CMF) will contribute $1.2M (CAD) to three digital media co-productions. Of the total, NZ On Air will contribute 582,000 (CAD) and the CMF will contribute 618,000 (CAD) towards the projects.

Media Releases · Television · Radio · Music · Digital · 30th March 2015

A new independent survey of children has found that while TV is still the dominant screen in their lives, tablets and smartphones are now a daily part of most kids lives. Youtube is now one of their main sources of content.

Digital · Media Releases · Music · Radio · Television · 26th November 2014

Twenty-five years after it was created, NZ On Air continues to move swiftly to ensure New Zealanders can find and enjoy diverse local content how and when they want it. NZ On Air's Annual Report 2013/14 has just been released.

Digital · Television · Media Releases · 6th October 2014

NZ On Air is investing just over $9.5 million in content for a wide range of special interest audiences on television and digital media platforms.

Digital · Television · Media Releases · 3rd October 2014

The range of local content on offer for children and young people is expanding, with new projects funded by NZ On Air for both television and digital platforms.

Digital · Media Releases · 26th September 2014

New Zealand and Canada are together establishing a million dollar fund to encourage the co-production of innovative digital media projects for online audiences.

Media Releases · Television · Radio · Music · Digital · 7th July 2014

New research commissioned by NZ On Air confirms the majority of New Zealanders are still consuming traditional broadcast media - linear television and live radio - every day. However music audiences and the young are leading the charge to digital platforms.

Digital · Media Releases · 18th June 2014

NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho have selected five innovative Māori webseries to be supported from a new joint $500,000 fund.

Digital · Media Releases · 26th March 2014

A webseries initiative just launched by NZ On Air and Te Māngai Pāho aims to create a way to tell stories by and for Māori outside the traditional broadcast model.

Digital · Media Releases · 13th December 2013

Fresh support from NZ On Air's Digital Media Fund will bring six innovative projects to online audiences.