Online Rights - Responses to NZ On Air Discussion

Digital · Media Releases · 3rd May 2013

This is the next step in an ongoing process, with responses being released to encourage further thought.

NZ On Air released the paper mindful of rapid change in the media landscape. When NZ On Air's funding system was developed, broadcast was the only platform option. The paper noted that the rights of the producer, broadcaster and taxpayer should be balanced, but suggested that with expanding screening options the interests of the audiences and taxpayers might need to be reconsidered.

"The main issue is finding the right balance between respect for the intellectual property rights of the content creators, appropriate access for audiences, and the rights purchased by commissioning broadcasters," says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson. "A key question is: in a digital era, what rights are secured for the public by the investment of public funding?"

NZ On Air was pleased to receive a number of well-considered submissions from the industry to progress the agency's thinking.

"We stress there is neither a fixed timeline nor determined outcome for this process" says Jane Wrightson. "We'll conduct further research and publish the details later this year, before convening a forum for further discussion."

Please read details of the discussion paper and submissions in full here.