NZ On Air supports Radio NZ to reach new audiences

Media Releases · Radio · 31st October 2013

NZ On Air is very pleased to announce support for Radio New Zealand's new online project The Wireless.

The Wireless, which has launched today, is an online home for new, stimulating and engaging content aimed at the 18-30 year age group.

NZ On Air has provided $197,000 in funding to support the development of a strand of content, Fresh Voices which will showcase new creative talent to the intended audience and include contributor-produced video, audio, photos, blogs, events and topical discussions.

"We have supported the project because it provides a relevant way for this age group to interact with and appreciate content that is high-quality, impartial, and targeted to their interests," said Jane Wrightson, CEO of NZ On Air.

Fresh Voices has been funded as part of NZ On Air's Digital strategy through which it supports innovative, creative online projects that are targeted at specific audiences, providing something that may not be provided by mainstream media.

"True public broadcasting is important for preserving our culture. This project extends the already superb public broadcasting service provided by Radio New Zealand to a new audience, via a new medium. It is a great sign for public service broadcasting that Radio New Zealand is forging ahead into new frontiers," said Ms Wrightson.

The $197,000 funding is over and above Radio New Zealand's general funding and does not impact on that funding in any way. Fresh Voices is funded as a stand-alone online project until 31 October 2014. Any future funding will need to be sought through a separate, contestable funding application.

You can check out The Wireless at