NZ On Air supports local prime time drama

Media Releases · Television · 14th December 2015

The homegrown murder-mystery series The Brokenwood Mysteries will be back for a third season with the support of NZ On Air.

The first two seasons on Prime have attracted a devoted audience and have been a colourful addition to the local drama slate.

“We have been delighted by the quirky characters and storylines. The murder-mystery genre is a difficult one to crack, and South Pacific Pictures and the writers have achieved that,” said NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

Ms Wrightson continued that NZ On Air’s drama budget is under unprecedented pressure, with more projects seeking support than funds available.

“Nonetheless we have a good mix of new and returning drama projects for 2016 which need time to establish themselves. It’s important that, where possible, NZ On Air supports quality returning drama series. This ensures the most effective use use of scarce funds and give producers and broadcasters some degree of certainty in this most complex of genres,” said Ms Wrightson.

A proposed new serial drama, to screen on TV3 in the 5.30pm time slot, was given serious consideration but was not supported.

The project was unable to be to be considered a priority due to constrained funding and competing priorities. The proposal required an ongoing financial commitment from NZ On Air that the Board felt was unsustainable in the current climate of a static budget but increasing demand.

Funding details

The Brokenwood Mysteries, 4 x 2hrs, South Pacific Pictures for Prime    $4,116,000  

See here for a full list of other drama (including comedy) projects already funded this financial year.