March MakingTracks Decisions

NZ On Air will fund 22 new music projects in its latest MakingTracks funding round.

Music · Media Releases · 26th March 2015

The 22 projects were selected from a field of 110 applications.

There are 14 $10,000 grants for recording a song and making a music video to back up the release of the song and eight $6,000 grants for making a music video only.

This is the seventh MakingTracks funding round for the 2014-2015 financial year. So far this year (since July), we have taken in 901 applications and we have funded 154 songs.

"Another great round of applications – so much talent out there! In our 25th year NZ On Air is proud to champion local music. Today we hear almost 10 times more local music on the radio than when our music mission began,” said NZ On Air Music Manager Brendan Smyth.

Decisions are based on the broadcast, music and audience merits of the songs that have been submitted, judged by a panel of broadcasting and music professionals.

The list of 22 March projects follows –

(a) Funding of up to $10,000 for each of the following 14 MakingTracks projects in the March 2015 round, comprising up to $4,000 for recording a song and $6,000 for making a music video of that same song –

Avalanche City/Inside Out
Cairo Knife Fight/Reality Engine
Chelsea Jade/Low Brow
Husk/Out To Kill
Jonathan Bree/Miss You
Kittens Of The Internet/Bitter
Lips/Traces Of Teddy
Maya Payne/Lucky Ones
Secret Knives/Simple Bliss
Sweet Mix Kids/Wired featuring Iva Lamkum
Swiss/Rest Of My Days
The Phoenix Foundation/Give Up Your Dreams

(b) Funding of $6,000 for each of the following 8 MakingTracks projects in the March 2015 round, being funding for making a music video only

Ciaran McMeekan/I Need Love
Dead Beat Boys/2
Diaz Grimm/Quarterbacks
Jesse Sheehan/Girl, If You Are Who You Say You Are
Mel Parsons/Get Out Alive
Setting Fire To Stacey/Vital Signs
Yumi Zouma/Second Wave

The March Making Tracks Panel was –

Brad King [The Rock; Auckland]
Emma Smith [Radio New Zealand Music 101; Auckland]
Janine Russell [Noise PR; Auckland]
Phil Bell [Mai FM; Auckland]
Richard Morris [Morrissound; Auckland]
Simon Wallace [Radio One; Dunedin]
Tania Dean [NZ On Air; Auckland]

The next MakingTracks round closes at 5.00pm on Wednesday 01 April 2015.

Applications can be made online at