Making Tracks October 2015

Media Releases · Music · 29th October 2015

NZ On Air will fund 20 new music projects in its latest MakingTracks funding round.

The 20 projects were selected from a field of 123 applications.

There are 12 $10,000 grants for recording a song and making a music video to back up the release of the song and eight $6,000 grants for making a music video only.

This is the fourth MakingTracks funding round for the 2015-2016 financial year. In the last financial year, we took in 1,254 applications and funded 230 songs. Since July this year, we have had 491 songs submitted and we have funded 88 projects.

“We were especially pleased the panel chose two songs in te reo to support this round; one from Ranea Aperahama, and the other from Alien Weaponry from Waipu in Northland. RockQuest and Pacifica Beats finalists, Alien Weaponry have an average age of 13 and are set to take the heavy metal world by storm with a te reo song!” said NZ On Air Music Manager Brendan Smyth.

Decisions are based on the broadcast, music and audience merits of the songs that have been submitted, judged by a panel of broadcasting and music professionals.

The list of 20 projects funded in the October round is as follows –

(a) Funding of up to $10,000 for each of the following 12 MakingTracks projects in the October 2015 round, comprising up to $4,000 for recording a song and $6,000 for making a music video of that same song –

Alien Weaponry / Ruana Te Whenua
Bakers Eddy / Wallbreaker
Black Fox Trio / Giants
Die! Die! Die! / (I Love How You) Listen To The Radio
French For Rabbits / The Weight Of Melted Snow
Fungi / Waste Me Taste Me
Graham Candy / My Wellington
Kamandi / What About You
Rei / Hundy Club
Stan Walker & The Oneill Twins / Boss As Chick
The Miltones / Pursed Lips
Tomorrow People / Writing On The Wall featuring Fran Kora

(b) Funding of $6,000 for each of the following 8 MakingTracks projects in the October 2015 round, being funding for making a music video only –

All The Colours / Jonathan
Ekko Park / Surface Breaks
Gareth Thomas / Weird Fever
Maya Payne / Breathe Again
Mermaidens / Undergrowth
Ranea / Tihei Mauri Ora
Tami Neilson / Holy Moses
Team Dynamite / Marvin (Beam Me Up)

The October Making Tracks Panel was –

  •  Brad King [The Rock; Auckland]
  • Gemma Syme [RDU; Christchurch]
  • Jeff Newton [NZ On Air; Auckland]
  • Matt Anderson [The Hits, Auckland]
  • Matt Ealand [RockQuest Promotions; Auckland]
  • Oliver Harmer [The Lab; Auckland]
  • Zac Arnold [Music 101, RNZ National; Auckland]

The next MakingTracks round closes at 5.00pm on Sunday 01 November 2015. It is the last round this calendar year.

Applications can be made online at