Making Tracks June 2014

Media Releases · Music · 27th June 2014

Decisions from NZ On Air’s June 2014 Making Tracks funding round.

NZ On Air will fund 30 new music projects in its latest Making Tracks funding round.

The 30 projects were selected from a field of 115 applications.

There are 14 $10,000 grants for recording a song and making a music video to back up the release of the song and 16 $6,000 grants for making a music video only.

This is the last Making Tracks funding round for the 2013-2014 financial year. In the last 12 months, NZ On Air has taken in 1,284 applications and funded 234 songs.

"Making Tracks is now exactly three years old,” says NZ On Air Music Manager Brendan Smyth. “Since the scheme was launched in July 2011, we have taken in 3,782 applications and we have funded an amazing 795 projects. We are looking forward to seeing these third year projects get plenty of airplay mileage, on air and online”.

Decisions are based on the broadcast, music and audience merits of the songs that have been submitted, judged by a panel of broadcasting and music professionals.

The list of 30 June projects follows –

(a) Funding of up to $10,000 for each of the following 14 Making Tracks projects in the June 2014 round, comprising up to $4,000 for recording a song and $6,000 for making a music video of that same song –

For Everyone First XV/Song For Everyone
Gareth Thomas/All Eyes In The Room
Grand Rapids/Go On
Jonathan Bree/Murder
Lightning Bells/Make Change
Lightning On Me/Just Too Cool
Little Oceans/Northern Eyes
Maya Payne/Submerge
Mzwetwo/Young Stunna
Princess Chelsea/Is It All Okay?
Racing/Fango (Carnivalize)
Shihad/Song 3
The Sami Sisters/August Song
Weird Together/Arcadia Africa

(b) Funding of $6,000 for each of the following 16 Making Tracks projects in the June 2014 round, being funding for making a music video only –

Alexander Wildwood/Bad Blood
At Peace/Matter
Bailey Wiley/IXL featuring Raiza Biza
Cydel/I Love You
Imagine This/Hits The Fan featuring Thomas Stowers
Lisa Crawley/Stranger
Little Moon/Sparklehorse
Marlon Williams/Strange Things
Midnight Gallery/Memory
No/North Star
Opiuo/Quack Fat
Sola Rosa/Both Of Us
Sorceress/Treat The Feel
Supermodel/Candy Rose
The Naked + Famous/What We Want

The June Making Tracks Panel was –

Greg Prebble [Radio Hauraki; Auckland]
Simon Wallace [Radio One; Dunedin]
Charlotte Ryan [Kiwi FM; Auckland]
Lydia Jenkin [Time Out, NZ Herald; Auckland]
Harry Lyon [MAINZ; Auckland]
Olly Harmer [The Lab; Auckland]
Jeff Newton [NZ On Air, Auckland]

The next Making Tracks funding round is the July round, which closes at 5.00pm on Tuesday 01 July.

Applications can be made online at