June Making Tracks funding decisions

Music · 29th June 2015

NZ On Air will fund 27 new music projects in its latest MakingTracks funding round.

The 27 projects were selected from a field of 122 applications.

There are 18 $10,000 grants for recording a song and making a music video to back up the release of the song and 9 $6,000 grants for making a music video only.

This is the last MakingTracks funding round for the 2014-2015 financial year. This year (since July) we have taken in 1,254 applications and we have funded 230 songs.

"This is the end of the fourth year of MakingTracks,” said NZ On Air Music Manager Brendan Smyth. “Since starting in July 2011 we have taken in 5,036 applications and funded 1,028 diverse projects, and given many new artists their first break.”

Decisions are based on the broadcast, music and audience merits of the songs that have been submitted, judged by a panel of broadcasting and music professionals.

The list of 27 projects funded in the June round is as follows –

(a) Funding of up to $10,000 for each of the following 18 MakingTracks projects in the June 2015 round, comprising up to $4,000 for recording a song and $6,000 for making a music video of that same song –

  • Bec Laughton / Worry ‘Bout It
  • City Of Souls / Water
  • Cymbol 303 & This Pale Fire / Don’t Rob Me
  • Elly / Elvis
  • Gareth Thomas / Wallow
  • Hollie Smith / Helena
  • Jupiter Project / Sweet Disguise
  • K.One / GTHA
  • Madeira / Manipulator
  • Marino Mariner / N Y C
  • Modern Chair / Can’t Look Back
  • Nomad / Love Will Call
  • Omelcha Supreme / Like That
  • Racing / Misbehaving
  • Sachi / Hold On
  • Swiss / Lovely Women
  • Tami Neilson / Lonely
  • The Veils / Low Lays The Devil

(b) Funding of $6,000 for each of the following 9 MakingTracks projects in the June 2015 round, being funding for making a music video only –

  • Baloo / Weekend
  • Bespin / Take Control
  • Ha The Unclear / Secret Lives Of Furniture
  • Lontalius / Kick In The Head
  • Maala / Touch
  • Mel Parsons / Don’t Wait
  • Shocking Pinks / Us Against The City
  • S J D / Unplugged
  • Team Dynamite / Comos ReUp

The June Making Tracks Panel was –

Alfred Aholelei [Niu FM; Auckland]
Dean Campbell [The Edge; Auckland]
Greg Prebble [Radio Hauraki; Auckland]
Hugh Sundae [95bFM; Auckland]
Joost Langeveld [BigPop Music; Auckland]
Silke Hartung [NZ Musician; Auckland]
Tania Dean [NZ On Air; Auckland]

The next MakingTracks round closes at 5.00pm on Wednesday 01 July 2015.

Applications can be made online at www.nzonair.govt.nz/music.