Audiences have more choice in local content, 25 years on

Digital · Media Releases · Music · Radio · Television · 26th November 2014

Twenty-five years after it was created, NZ On Air continues to move swiftly to ensure New Zealanders can find and enjoy diverse local content how and when they want it.

NZ On Air's Annual Report 2013/14 has just been released, after tabling in Parliament by the Minister of Broadcasting, Hon. Amy Adams.

It highlights how much the media environment has changed in 25 years and what NZ On Air is doing, in the face of a global tsunami of content, to ensure diverse, relevant local content is available whenever and wherever the audiences want it.

“In 1989 television and radio were highly regulated and the internet was just arriving on our shores. Today audiences can watch local television content on many free-to-air channels, and on demand, to suit themselves,”says NZ On Air Chief Executive Jane Wrightson.

"On radio they’re playing 20% local music, up from 2% in 1989, and NZ On Air is now ensuring NZ music is easily available on the big streaming platforms. Community broadcasters nationwide now broadcast and stream programmes in more than 40 languages. Add to that a range of innovative digital media offerings, and audiences are better served for local content than ever before,” she continues.

In the 2013/14 year NZ On Air’s challenge has been to ensure the content it funds finds its audience. Online channels are now integral to the media mix, and a new policy in the past year has ensured local content is readily available online.

Collaborations remain an essential part of the funding mix. This ensures New Zealanders get the best value for money from public investment. A number of new initiatives in the past year are detailed in the Annual Report.

“We measure our success by the quality, diversity and innovation of the content created. As a bonus, our funding provides stability to the production sector, allowing content creators to focus on their craft for the benefit of local audiences,” says Ms Wrightson.

The 2013/14 Annual Report is available here.