April 2016 Making Tracks funding decisions

Decisions from NZ On Air’s April 2016 MakingTracks funding round.

Media Releases · Music · 28th April 2016

NZ On Air will fund 24 new music projects in the latest MakingTracks music funding round.

The 24 projects were selected from a field of 149 applications.

There are 18 $10,000 grants for recording a song and making a music video to back up the release of the song, and six $6,000 grants for making a music video only.

This is the eighth of 10 MakingTracks funding rounds for the 2015-2016 financial year. So far, we have had 1,069 songs submitted and we have funded 182 projects.

Decisions are based on the broadcast, music and audience merits of the songs that have been submitted, judged by a panel of broadcasting and music professionals.

The list of 24 projects funded in the April round is as follows –

(a) Funding of up to $10,000 for each of the following 18 MakingTracks projects in the April 2016 round, comprising up to $4,000 for recording a song and $6,000 for making a music video of that same song –

Asti-Loren / Psychedelic Rose
B O K E H / Forget The Rules
Chores / Telling Lies
Ezra Vine / Say My Name
Fazerdaze / Lucky Girl
Fraser Ross / In The Rain
Grayson Gilmour / One Hundred Waters
Lake South / Renters
Lord Echo / Do U featuring Mara TK
MAALA / Kind Of Love
MIU / Roam
Nakita / Second Chances
Ryan Enzed / She Said featuring Helen Corry
Shakes / Strange Tides
Streets Of Laredo / 99.90%
Thomas Oliver / Shine Like The Sun
Unknown Mortal Orchestra / First World Problems
YOUNG TAPZ / Didn’t Know

(b) Funding of $6,000 for each of the following six MakingTracks projects in the April 2016 round, being funding for making a music video only –

Armed In Advance / Same Old Story
Drax Project / Seemed Like Trouble
Hollie Smith / Water Or Gold
Noah Slee / Rampant Wild Free
Openside / Letting It Out
Sons Of Zion / Hungover

The April Making Tracks Panel was –

 Dean Campbell [The Edge; Auckland]
 Miles Buckingham [Radio Active; Wellington]
 Rikihana Douglas [Sniffers; Auckland]
 Lisa Paris [The Label; Auckland]
 Hamish Jackson [The Rock Shop; Auckland]
 Jeff Newton [NZ On Air; Auckland]
 Sam de Jong [Smoke Studios; Auckland]

The next MakingTracks round closes at 5.00pm on Sunday 01 May 2016.

Applications can be made online at www.nzonair.govt.nz/music.