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Tips and resources to help you get your music out there.

Marketing & publicity

Branding For Musicians: a simplified guide to marketing

'Branding' is essentially telling your story in a way that sets you apart from other musicians and connects you with your fans. These tips come from Jessica Hackett - a marketing consultant and content strategist who helps artists and creatives find their voice on the internet.

J9 Russel, Music Publicist (Noise PR) shares her best practise advice when it comes to finding publicity for your music.


The Ultimate Guide to Professionally Promoting Your Music

This guide comes from Zach Hangauer, owner of Range Life Records and is a comprehensive list of suggestions on how to go about a release and all the things you need to think about when it comes to promoting your music.

11 Ways To Promote A Music Video

Music videos require a lot time and often money to produce, so it's a shame if no one ends up seeing them. In this piece, rapper Kosha Dillz outlines eleven different methods for promoting a music video to ensure that as many fans (or potential fans) see it as possible.

Lydia Jenkin, writer for NZ Herald/TimeOut, shares her perspective on what's important when it comes to approaching publications and getting coverage from her experience in the media.

Radio Airplay

How To Get Music On The Radio in 2016

Despite the increasing use of streaming services, radio still plays an important role in music discovery and exposure with New Zealanders, on average, tuning in for over 1.5 hours a day.
Here's a good discussion with radio hosts, pluggers and radio managers on how to get music to radio thanks to Pigeons and Planes

Radio Tips


Jeff Newton, our Broadcast Promotions Executive shares his knowledge on how to target radio with your music.


 It’s more important than ever for your music to be available online. Streaming services allow you to reach an international audience, be discovered by new fans and understand where and how your music is being consumed. Royalties from online streams are currently the biggest generator of revenue for both the global and NZ music markets and data from streaming services now influences the single and album charts and even radio play.

How to get your music on Spotify

Apple Music For Artists

How to get your music on Pandora

YouTube tips for creators

Music distribution is the link between your finished record and your future fans. Smart distribution can grow your visibility, get your music into as many ears as possible and it helps you get paid for your music.
This guide covers how music distribution works and the different distributers that can help you.

Everything Musicians Need to Know about Digital Music Distribution

Social Media

Social media is (mostly) free, it gives you worldwide reach, helps you interact with your audience and be discovered by new fans. 

This information is by no means exhaustive – social media platforms are consistently changing, so you’ve got to stay
active on any given platform if you want to explore every promotional opportunity.