Yumi Zouma

A collaboration between three Kiwis in Christchurch, New York and Paris. Yumi Zouma is getting noticed.

A band where each member lives in a different country — sounds impossible? Yumi Zouma however, has proved long distance is no impediment to great sounds. Even though the Kiwi trio are divided between Christchurch, New York and Paris, they have managed to produce and release a self-titled EP.

Full of synths, muted drum machines and smooth vocals their sound is described as ‘dreamy electronic pop’ and ‘soft disco’. 

Band members Charlie Ryder and Josh Burgess (of Bang Bang Eche), started collaborating as bedroom producers, e-mailing song ideas to one another. After some development the boys reached out to vocalist Kim Pflaum, an old muso friend from Christchurch. After the vocals were laid down for one track, Yumi Zouma was born and the group were almost instantly signed by London/New York-based record label Cascine.

Yumi Zouma have received 2 x $10,000 Making Tracks grant for The Brae and Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers

Connect with Yumi Zouma on Facebook, or Soundcloud or Twitter or buy it on iTunes.

Yumi Zouma - The Brae

Yumi Zouma - A Long Walk Home For Parted Lovers

New Zealand Cascine signees Yumi Zouma could well be one of the most invigorating prospects of 2014 so far

— Review - The 405

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