21 Years Of Kiwi Hit Disc

NZ On Air is 25 this year and we are also marking another milestone. Twenty-one years ago NZ On Air produced the first Kiwi Hit Disc.

The Kiwi Hit Disc is a promotional tool delivering New Zealand music to radio stations throughout the country. Today, the Kiwi Hit Disc is a 28-track two-disc CD, delivered to more than 287 broadcasters from commercial stations to student radio and low power FM stations.

The Kiwi Hit Disc is the most extensive catalogue of NZ music ever assembled, boasting a whopping 3,091 songs over 172 volumes, and continues to grow each month. The Kiwi Hit Disc provides every radio station in the country with a steady supply of quality NZ music that is ripe and ready for airplay. And it means that every radio station has a huge back catalogue to draw on.

The first artist to feature on the first Kiwi Hit Disc was The Mutton Birds with their song ‘Your Window’. Check out the NZ On Air funded video here -

The Muttonbirds 'Your Window'

Over the last 15 years, since Radioscope records began, the most played Kiwi Hit Disc song is Opshop with ‘Maybe’ on Kiwi Hit Disc 90.

The Kiwi Hit Disc also has the distinction of being the first CD manufactured in New Zealand.

Prior to Kiwi Hit Disc #32 in June 1998, the disc was manufactured in Australia and shipped back to New Zealand for distribution.

Over the years, we have also produced companion hit discs like the Indie Hit Disc (Volumes 1-34 including 563 alternative songs), the AC Hit Disc (Volumes 1-8 including 121 more middle of the road songs) and the Kiwi Gold Discs (Volume I, II and III including 349 classic hits from the 30 years 1965-1995).

In total, the Kiwi Hit Discs have promoted more than 4,000 songs.

For a full list of artists and songs featured over the 179 Kiwi Hit Disc email Tania Dean

PLEASE NOTE: As of April 2015 the Kiwi Hit Disc has been rebranded as NewTracks. For further information please contact Tania Dean.

Also funded by NZ On Air

Harry Parsons

February 2014

Harry Parsons

Harry Parsons — singer/songwriter from Waikato and overall winner of the solo/duo category of the Smokefree Rockquest 2013 — is on the road to a professional music career, with the release of his first single and video. 

Lizzie Marvelly

February 2014

Lizzie Marvelly

From Elizabeth Marvelly: classical crossover singer, to Lizzie Marvelly: pop singer/songwriter.