We help get songs by New Zealand artists heard on radio and streaming platforms

NewTracks (formerly Kiwi Hit Disc) guarantees that every radio station, and the broadcast and music media, has got a good supply of airplay-ready music every month.


NewTracks (formerly Kiwi Hit Disc) is a broadcast promotions tool.

It is a 28-track compilation of new releases by New Zealand artists that we send to every radio station in the country (and other media) at the start of every calendar month (apart from January).

We also deliver the tracks to radio via our own digital delivery platform.

It's a key part of our promotions strategy for getting more local songs broadcast.

We have been making the Kiwi Hit Disc, now NewTracks, since 1993.  It's now up to 180 volumes.  It's the most comprehensive catalogue of New Zealand contemporary popular music ever assembled.

NewTracks (formerly Kiwi Hit Disc)

To be eligible for NewTracks, you must have:

  • a completed, airplay-ready song
  • a promotional plan to help market the song to radio.

Priority is given to artists who have a video ready or near completed.

The criteria for inclusion on the NewTracks compilation is airplay potential, with priority given to songs with the ability to connect with a significant audience via broadcast or online platforms.

Applications are made online only. Contact Hannah Brewer for application details.

You can submit only one song per round and if you have a music video, please include a link with the application.

2018 NewTracks Submission Closing Dates

- Tuesday 16 January
- Friday 16 February
- Friday 16 March
- Tuesday 17 April
- Friday 18 May
- Friday 15 June
- Wednesday 18 July
- Friday 18 August
- Monday 17 September
- Wednesday 17 October
- Friday 16 November