Getting your music out there.

We want to connect audiences with great New Zealand music - so we put time and resources into promoting it. 

We take a comprehensive approach to promoting great local music. We produce NewTracks monthly, fund local music programmes on radio and television, and ensure local music can be found via online platforms.

We also sponsor awards and special music events because we want to support and celebrate this awesome industry.

NewTracks (formerly Kiwi Hit Disc)

NewTracks (formerly Kiwi Hit Disc) is how we promote New Zealand music to radio stations. It's a 28-track compilation of new releases by New Zealand artists that we send to every radio station in the country (and other media) at the start of every calendar month (except January).

Music programmes

We sponsor New Zealand music features on all the big commercial radio stations and the leading progressive and alternative radio stations around the country. It's how we help to get exposure for great New Zealand songs.


It is important to us that New Zealand music is everywhere. We fund AudioCulture; an all-New Zealand music channel on iHeartRadio; the Resound project in partnership with Sounz; and we are on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud and the rest.