Apply for funding for a single song

If you have a great song you want to release as a single to connect with as wide an audience as possible then New Music [Single] funding is available. There are five New Music [Single] funding rounds a year.

What can I apply for?

Funding of up to $8,000 is available under this scheme for a single song. The funding can go towards a combination of recording costs, making a music video or visual representation for the song, and promotion costs for getting the song noticed. The applicant must provide a co-investment of an additional $2,000.

Success will be measured by the level of radio play achieved and the number of streams/plays/views/shares across multiple online platforms.


New Music [Single] funding is similar to the previous Making Tracks scheme. There are a set of minimum criteria which must be fulfilled before an application can be made.

The key criteria for funding is based on the potential for the song to connect with a significant audience on broadcast and/or online platforms as judged by an industry panel.

Any one artist can receive a maximum of three New Music [Single] grants per 12-month period, or a maximum of three New Music [Single] grants per album release, or two New Music [Single] grants per EP release.

Outcomes from previous NZ On Air-funded songs from an artist (including Making Tracks and Phase Four-funded projects) will be assessed as part of the application process.

Please note: All proposals submitted to NZ On Air are covered by the Official Information Act and may be released.

Download the New Music [Single] funding Criteria (pdf)
Download the New Music funding – Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

Apply online for New Music Single funding

New Music [Single] Funding Deadlines – 2017

2017 dates

Deadline: Friday 10 February/ Decisions9 March

Deadline: Friday 28 AprilDecisions: 31 May

Deadline: 7 July / Decisions: 27 July

Deadline: 8 September / Decisions: 5 October

Deadline: 3 November / Decisions: 7 December