Apply for funding for a multi-single project

If you have a collection of great songs that you want to release in an organised campaign to connect with a significant audience, then New Music [Project] funding is available. There are four New Music [Project] contestable funding rounds a year.

What can I apply for?

Funding of between $7,500 and $30,000 is available for multi-single projects.This is on a co-investment basis. Funds can be used towards a combination of recording costs, making a music video or visual representation for the songs, and promotion costs for getting the songs noticed. Applicants will be required to have professional third-party music company support to co-fund the project to a minimum of 40% of eligible costs. (eg. $20,000 of eligible costs for a project could include up to $12,000 from NZ On Air and at least $8,000 from the applicant).

Success will be measured by levels of radio play and number of plays/streams/views/shares across online platforms.


New Music [Project] funding is for projects with third-party professional music company support – that is, an independent or major record label or music management company for example. Funding of between $7,500 and $30,000 is available per project, but the level of funding will depend on the level of co-investment and the potential to impact broadcast and online music audiences. We expect co-investment of a minimum of 40% of the eligible costs of the project.  

The key criteria for funding is based on the project’s potential to assist with NZ On Air’s strategic objectives of increasing the percentage of New Zealand music on radio, and the potential to achieve high levels of online play and engagement.

Any one artist can receive a maximum of one New Music [Project] grant in a 12-month period, and will not be eligible for any subsequent New Music [Single] funding in that same 12-month period.

Outcomes from previous NZ On Air-funded songs from an artist (including Making Tracks and Phase Four funded projects) will be assessed as part of the application process.

Independent artists with no professional third party music company support and no track record are not eligible to apply for Project funding and should instead look to apply for New Music [Single] funding here

How to apply

Potential applicants must first email a one-paragraph project overview to NZ On Air’s Head of Music at least two weeks before deadline, and must have a subsequent discussion with NZ On Air before an application will be accepted.

Applications will require a detailed project overview, project budget, project timeline, project release and marketing plan, letter of commitment from third party, evidence of co-funding commitment, along with track record details of the third party supporter and the artist.

Please note: All proposals submitted to NZ On Air are covered by the Official Information Act and may be released.

Download the New Music [Project] funding criteria (pdf)
Download the New Music funding – Frequently Asked Questions (pdf)

New Music [Project] Funding Deadlines – 2016/17

2016 dates

Friday 12 August deadline for decisions by 13 September
Friday 21 October deadline for decisions by 22 November

2017 dates (up to 30 June)

Friday 20 January deadline for decisions by 21 February
Friday 24 March deadline for decisions by 27 April