Funding decisions - other

We also fund music features on radio to promote local songs. All the latest fundings decisions are here.

In addition to funding songs we also fund some initiatives to promote NZ Music. Due to changes to our website to reflect the new funding model, the NZ Media Fund, the search engine can only provide results for this type of funding up to May 2017. All funding decisions since then are available below, the latest first.

July 2017

Music Event

New Zealand Music Awards 2017, MediaWorks TV for Three, $170,000

NZ Music Features

95bFM 17/18, 95bFM, $220,000

Base FM 17/18, Base FM, $120,000

Pulzar FM 17/18, Pulzar FM, $60,000

Radio Active 17/18, Radio Active NZ, $140,000

Radio Control 17/18, Massey University Students Association, $75,000

Radio One 17/18, Otago University Students' Association, $120,000

RDU 17/18, RDU 98.5FM, $140,000

The Most FM 17/18, Taranaki FM Trust (The Most FM), $60,000