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Our music mission is to get more New Zealand music on radio, online, on any platform where the audience is.

NZ On Air funds the recording of single songs and multi-song projects, music videos, and music promotion to make sure great NZ songs can connect with the widest audience possible

Find out how to apply to one of our two New Music funding schemes.

When we’ve funded a great song, our next job is to help put it in front of an audience. 

NewTrackswe promote songs to radio stations so they'll play them.

Music programmeswe fund a number of programmes on radio and TV that showcase New Zealand music and artists.

NZ music onlinewe reach out to the audience on line.

We have advice, templates and resources to help you get your song funded and recorded, and to help you find an audience - on radio, on TV and on line.

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This month we have funded 20 great new tracks to the tune of $180,000.

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L.A. Women - Hurricane Love (Recently released NZ On Air - funded video)