Specialist Current Affairs

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Specialist current affairs is an area commercial platforms increasingly find difficult to support in a highly competitive market. Yet this content is a cornerstone of democracy, and is highly relevant to the public media princples on which the NZ Media Fund is grounded.

We express these principles as -

to enrich NZ cultural experience, to improve diversity of media content accessible to all, to strengthen community life, and to promote informed debate.

The type of content supported in this space by NZ On Air includes political debate, long-form investigative journalism and interactive projects. We only fund audio visual content, not text-based journalism, because we are the Broadcasting Commission and our mission under the Broadcasting Act is broadcast content. (Under the Act 'broadcast' includes content online.)


We have a single strategy and single, platform-neutral fund.

Apply for funding

All applications must be made through our online applications system, Eric.

Please be aware that all your applications are covered by the Official Information Act - read more here.

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