Creating high quality, thought-provoking content

We invest in high quality factual content for a range of platforms. This content spans diverse topics and audiences and records important moments in our culture and history.

Specialist Current Affairs

We fund some specialist current affairs, to ensure informed debate of key issues

Documentary & Information

We invest in high quality documentary and information content.

Children & young people

We support a range of content for children and young people that reflects them and their lives

Spoken content (audio)

Our priority is funding spoken programmes and podcasts on nationwide platforms that reach the largest number of listeners.

Regional Media

We support multi-platform news and information content serving specific regional audiences.

Our Factual content investments will help us meet our three goals: Quality, Diverse and Discoverable content.

By Quality we mean:

  • Well-made funded content will reflect New Zealand in engaging and informative ways
  • Funded content will be seen to be different to similar local content made without
    public funding.

By Diverse we mean:

  • New Zealanders will appreciate local content made for audiences with diverse interests
  • Content creators will have a range of opportunities to make different types of local content.

By Discoverable we mean:

  • Funded content will be available and enjoyed by audiences on the platforms they use
  • Funded content will be online and free to watch or listen to at the beginning of its life and at regular points thereafter.

What is diversity?

When we talk about diversity, we have some key audiences in mind. Not all factual content will be relevant, but here are some specific goals we will try to achieve.

Children and youth

We will help grow great New Zealanders by providing enriching local content for children that encourages imagination and curiosity.

Pacific audiences

We will ensure diverse content made for Pacific peoples in New Zealand is accessible, enjoyed and valued.

Other ethnic populations

We will support valued content serving other ethnic populations in New Zealand that exceed 100,000. At this time these are Indian and Chinese New Zealanders. NB: funded access radio also provides options for both these and smaller populations.

Regional audiences

We will support valued regional news and information, for communities of reasonable size, as content that national media can rarely provide.

Other community minorities of reasonable size 

We will support valued projects as opportunities permit including content that reflects diverse religious and ethical beliefs.

People with disabilities

We will support valued stories about disability both to be inclusive and to provide insight for a general audience. We will make funding available for content to be made accessible for those with sight and hearing impairments.