What Next?

What do we want our lives to look like 20 years from now? A live television event exploring the big questions facing New Zealanders today.

What Next? is a live television event unlike anything viewers in New Zealand have seen before. Over five consecutive nights on TVNZ1 Nigel Latta and John Campbell and a team of internationally recognised NZ 'futurists' will ask the big question : What do we want our lives to look like 20 years from now?

Using social media, viewers will be encouraged to be part of the conversation, creating a unique national conversation.

Topics explored will include the impact of technology, the changing environment, the economy and the lifestyle we want for the future.

The series embodies NZ On Air's public media principles which we express as -

to enrich NZ cultural experience, to improve diversity of media content accessible to all, to strengthen community life, and to promote informed debate.

We think What Next? is an incredibly important national conversation. We can’t wait till 2037 to start planning for it, we need to start the process of planning for the future now. We’re certain that when people take part in this event, and they start to get their heads around the enormous changes headed our way, it’s going to wake us up and get us focused on the big and important issues. This isn't about changes in the world far removed from our day to day lives. These things will effect all of us in very personal and very immediate ways. What Next is really about the decisions we need to make in our lives today.

— Nigel Latta, Ruckus Media

Watch it

What Next? begins Sunday 11 June at 8.30pm on TVNZ1 and tvnz.co.nz