Funding decisions

The latest funding decisions under the NZ Media Fund Factual stream.

Due to changes to our website to reflect the new funding model, the NZ Media Fund, the search engine can only provide results up to May 2017. All funding decisions since then are available below, the latest first.

July 2017

New content:

National Anthems, 5 x 52 mins, Notable Pictures for Prime, up to $1,324,608
A documentary series that tells the story of NZ popular music, with a focus on our most-loved songs.

Mistress Mercy, 1 x 90 mins, Gibson Group for TVNZ 1, up to $1,109750
A Sunday Theatre docudrama on a significant NZ murder trial.

Ocean Predators, 3 x 44 mins, Ocean Answers Ltd for Prime, up to $767,030
This heart-racing documentary series takes viewers on thrilling encounters with our oceans’ biggest predators.

I Am..., 6 x 44 mins, Screentime New Zealand for TVNZ 1, up to $749,949
Six intensely emotional first hand accounts of what it means to be different.

How Not To Get Cancer, 4 x 44 mins, Feather And Wolf Media Ltd for TVNZ 1, up to $692,355
A leading cancer surgeon sorts superstition from science as he explores why we die from so many preventable cancers, and what we can do about it.

New Zealand Wars, Great Southern for RNZ, up to $468,000
An interactive online project including a documentary, podcast, battle reconstruction and online museum, telling the story of the 19th century NZ wars.

The Demolition Teams, 10 x 22 mins, Broadcast Media for Prime, up to $369,540
Viewers will be taken inside the hardhat no-go zones inhabited by demolition teams, charged with taking down buildings left unsafe by recent earthquakes.

Intake, 7 x 26 mins, Diva Productions for Māori Television, up to $310,475
A ground-breaking series observing a troop of young recruits as they go through the gruelling basic training to become soldiers in the NZ Army.

Face The Classroom, 2 x 44 mins, Screentime New Zealand for TVNZ 1, up to $213,335
New Zealand’s future voters grill our political leaders in two hour long pre-election specials.

In Foreign Fields, 1 x 52 mins, Ponsonby Productions for Māori Television, up to $197,634
An Anzac Day special asks who owns the bodies of the fallen, as an initiative begins to bring home the last of the bodies of Kiwi soldiers killed in the South East Asian conflicts.

Millennium Teens, 1 x 44 mins, Greenstone TV for TVNZ 1, up to $174,981
We check in on how life has turned out for a group of 18 year olds who were the subject of a documentary filmed in December 1999 on the first NZ babies born in the new millennium.

The Road To Rhythm- 15 Years Of Rhythm And Vines, 4 x 10 mins, NZME Publishing for NZ Herald online, up to $146,847
A documentary series featuring stories from New Zealand’s longest running and most successful music festival.

Marks Of Mana, 1 x 45 mins, Tikilounge Productions for The, up to $119,834
A one-off documentary looking at the art of Pacific Ta Tatau from a female perspective, exploring stories of both the wearers and the creators of Marks of Mana for women.

Zealandia, 3 x 20 mins, White Paper Industries Limited for , up to $74,675
Telling NZ’s untold stories – authentic stories from people living on the fringes of our society, the marginalised and misunderstood.

Sharing The Love, 1 x 20 mins, Cabrikaan Productions Limited for WatchMe, up to $72,117
One family’s intimate story of the challenges and joys of whāngai adoption – the customary Māori practice where a child is brought up by another relative.

Returning content:

Coast New Zealand 3, 6 x 44ins, Great Southern Television for TVNZ 1, up to $1,808,685
A return of the top rating series that brings our people, places and history to life and showcases New Zealand to the world.

Country Calendar 2018, 38 x 22.5 mins, TVNZ for TVNZ 1, up to $538,384
The top-rating documentary series that brings us the stories of the everyday people who work the land and the sea, with beautiful images and mastrful story-telling.

Local Focus 2017/18, 480 x 2 mins, Very Nice Productions, $400,000
Audio/visual regional news and information for Waikato, Bay of Plenty, Hawkes Bay and Whanganui.

The South Today, 1200 x 1 min, Allied Press, $397,000
Audio/visual regional news adn information for Southland/Otago

Game Of Bros 3, 7 x 26 mins, Tikilounge Productions for Māori Television, up to $348,392
For the third series Game Of Bros high profile Pacific and Māori actors, singers and sports legends battle it out. Expect humour and adrenaline.

CTV 2017/18, 672 x 2.5 mins, Star Media Ltd, $261,000
Regional audio/visual news and information for Canterbury.

Haukāinga 2017/18, 180 x 3 mins, Te Hiku Media, $180,000
Regional audio/visual news and information for Northland

Attitude Awards 2017, 1 x 59 mins, Attitude Pictures for TVNZ 1, up to $162,100
The annual televised celebration of achievement in the disability community, opening viewers minds to the vast potential of people who live with disabilities and chronic ill health.

Great War Stories 2018, 7 x 4 mins, A C Productions for Three, up to $109,500
The final set of mini documentaries on New Zealanders in the First World War, to screen during prime time news.

Anzac Dawn Service 2018, 1 x 95 mins, for Māori Television by Māori Television, up to $77,442
Live coverage of the Auckland Dawn Service, marking the 102nd Anzac Day, honouring our brave soldiers who fought in all our wars.

The Nutters Club, 18 x 95 mins, The Key To Life Charitable Trust for Newstalk ZB, up to $26,520
The inimitable Mike King and guests remove taboos and encourage conversation, awareness and understanding of mental health and suicide.


May 2017

For results from the May 2017 funding round please see here