Creating new opportunities for successful YouTubers

A joint initiative of NZ On Air and Google/YouTube to support a new generation of New Zealand online storytellers to expand their vision and create new narratives for online audiences.


NZ On Air and YouTube have established this co-funding initiative to enable successful YouTubers to make the leap to creating narrative-driven webseries content.

The content can be any genre, but should play to the YouTuber’s strengths and their audience’s expectations, and should represent a clear step-up in terms of storytelling ambition and production values. 

Funding of $75K-$100K is available per project for NZ YouTube content creators who have YouTube channels with a substantial existing subscriber base. The project will be expected to premiere on the creator’s YouTube channel, but creators will be able to explore numerous other release and distribution options.

Apply for funding

Key Dates:

23 June 2016 - Call for proposals and criteria details released
30 August 2016 - Application deadline
30 September 2016 - Successful applicants notified

Application documents:

- Request for proposals - includes application criteria
- Application coversheet - to accompany your webseries funding application
- Budget summary sheet - to accompany your webseries funding application

Frequently Asked Questions:

See our FAQ page to find out any extra details people have been asking for. And let us know if you have any questions yourself.


This fund is open to creatives who have already been successful in building an audience through their YouTube channel. 

The following criteria must be met:

The project that is being applied for must be narrative content for upload to YouTube (eg; factual stories, drama, comedy or animation) of at least 25 minutes in total.

'How to ….' and lifestyle projects or series are not eligible.
Advertorial or advertising/marketing focused material are not eligible.

The creative team for the project must be led by New Zealanders and include a content creator or team of content creators responsible for:

  • an existing YouTube channel of any genre with at least 10,000 subscribers and be currently actively publishing content to that channel, or
  • a maximum of two current YouTube channels of any genre with a combined subscriber base of 15,000, or
  • a YouTube video which has achieved a minimum of 250,000 views on a channel which has a subscriber base of at least 5,000, or
  • a YouTube team collaboration, where the combined subscriber base for both channels is at least 10,000 and at least one of the videos on either channel has achieved a minimum of 250,000 views.

Your application

The RFP document contains all the details about what you need to provide with your application. Here are the key elements that should be included:

  1. A coversheet for your application with all relevant contact and key project details 
  2. A pitch document (up to one page) that describes your proposed idea
  3. A talk-to-camera ‘video pitch’ (max. three minutes) that describes how your project will meet the evaluation criteria outlined below
  4. A brief profile of your existing YouTube channel(s) (up to 1⁄2 page)
  5. A brief overview of the key team members; their roles and experience, describing the YouTube track record and achievements of the Key Content Creators, with links to notable videos.
  6. Budget details including: a budget summary sheet and a detailed production budget that clearly describes the proposed use of funds
  7. A production schedule to delivery that includes all milestones
  8. A plan for audience development (up to two pages) that includes social media strategies to promote the series to a wider audience than the creator’s existing subscribers, how the creator might continue to grow the channel following release of the series, and information about the target audience. Local audiences are the priority.
  9. A statement confirming your right to make the project, covering all copyright material to be used, such as music, artwork, stories, novels etc.