Interactive creative story-telling

The Interactive Fund supports new content that pushes the envelope of creative story-telling. Projects are interactive, and explore options such as transmedia or multi-channel approaches. In 2017 we are transitioning to a new single strategy and platform neutral fund, the NZ Media Fund. The below relates to our existing funding processes until 30 June 2017


We want to provide interested audiences with something different and/or meaningful using the opportunities digital media brings.

Our digital funding prioritises special interest audiences: children and youth, ethnic and other minorities in the community and Māori. These audiences are not always well-served by mainstream media. We see digital channels as a way to deliver quality local content outside a broadcast context.

Competition is fierce. In 2014/15 there was $600,000 available for two projects as part of our Kickstart Fund, and we received more than 60 applications seeking more than $15 million. In 2015 our Interactive fund (previously Kickstart) supported four digital interactive documentary projects. In 2016 we again sought interactive documentary proposals, with potential additional funding for a broadcast outcome.

Read about the funded projects here.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created a FAQ page for the Digital Media Funds, please take a look and get in touch if your question is not answered.


Road Trip

October 2014

Road Trip

An interactive docu-drama comedy road trip series that weaves together stories from across NZ.

February 2014

A virtual island homeland brings life to digital Pacific content.

Sign Ninja

June 2014

Sign Ninja

An exciting and innovative learning game for New Zealand Sign Language.

The Factory Story

February 2014

The Factory Story

Follow the drama of the Saumalu family in this first Pacific Island musical webseries.

Apply for funding

This fund has now closed for 2016 applications.

From 1 July 2017 we will have a single platform neutral media fund.

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What is Interactive Documentary?

There are many different interpretations and definitions for Interactive Documentary, and in this relatively fast-changing space it does not make sense to pin things down too much. For the purposes of NZ On Air, and for this Interactive Fund, we are looking for projects that have an intention to document the ‘real’, and that do so using interactive digital technologies and practices.

In this intersection between digital interactive technology and documentary, the audience may become integral to the unfolding of a story - often contributing content themselves. The audience takes away a set of information that is based on their path through the material, a path that may differ for each person.

We are not looking for a documentary with an accompanying website. We are looking for integrated interactive documentary projects whose basis comes from the opportunities afforded by the internet and digital media, and whose outcomes may differ depending on the actions of the users.

Where there is a broadcast outcome there will be additional funding, but we will still seek integrated projects. A broadcast outcome brings a wider audience to the documentary, and ideally a greater audience for interaction and involvement with the online project.

Previous Projects

In previous years this fund was the Kickstart Fund and was seeking projects that were transmedia or cross-platform, and that focused on specific audiences.

Frequently Asked Questions
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The following list is just a few of the many interactive documentaries that are available from around the world. We encourage you to look around, draw inspiration, be critical, and get ideas from these examples.

Funding to date, 2016-17

The Battle $324,082

Dec 2016 · Stuff Circuit · Digital Media Interactive

Young Ocean Explorers $175,000

Dec 2016 · Greenstone TV · Website · Digital Media Interactive

The Generation Game $174,650

Dec 2016 · Fenceswing · Website · Digital Media Interactive

Fafswag $175,000

Dec 2016 · Piki Films · Digital Media Interactive